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Well-Traveled Candle Co. was inspired by two siblings' shared love of travel (and candles, of course). Each wanderlust-inspired candle features a piece of handcrafted glassware sourced from countries around the world. We are dedicated to conducting fair-trade practices with artisans and using eco-friendly materials to create a candle you can feel good about.

As part of our sustainability efforts, you are encouraged to reuse the glass vessel as a cocktail tumbler, tea light votive, pencil cup, plant pot, or anything else your heart desires. 

Traveling turns you into a storyteller. Well-Traveled Candle Co is our love story to the world. 



The candle industry has traditionally not been very kind to the environment or our health. Well-Traveled Candle Co. aims to change that narrative and provide our consumers with the utmost eco-friendly and non-toxic candle alternatives. Every element of our candles can be reused, recycled, or repurposed.  We are transparent about the environmental and social impact in every stage of our products, from sourcing the glassware to the moment your candle is shipped to your door.


Well-Traveled Candle Co is proud to be a part of the Fair-Trade movement. Our team is dedicated to ensuring our glassware is sourced ethically by conducting fair trade practices. The glassblowers have complete control over their pricing, can choose their preferred currency of the payment, and allow price changes to accommodate fluctuation of their raw material costs. By avoiding downward price negation and ensuring fair compensation, artisans do not have to compromise on the quality of their craftsmanship in order to make a sustainable wage.

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