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The Morocco Collection Has Landed!

The newest collection of Well-Traveled Candle Co. has landed! After our adventures in Puebla, Mexico with our first collection we are flying east to Marrakech, Morocco to create a candle inspired by the vibrancy of the country's culture. We are honored to share with you the work by artisans at Le Verre Beldi, one of Morocco's most celebrated brands producing recycled, hand blown glass in Marrakesh since 1940.

Beldi - meaning 'local' or ‘traditional’ in Arabic conveys the sense of purity and authenticity we love about Morocco while also resonating with our mission at Well-Traveled Candle Co. The sleek and simple design of these hand-blown, cone- shaped candle vessels are a testament to the style and skill of the artisans and a technique using a proven process used for over half a century. The hand-blown, organic construction is evident as each vessel features unique quirks, individual marks, and bubbles suspended in the glass, adding to the beautiful authenticity of each candle.

Exported all over the world and revered for its elegant shape and versatile use, Beldi glassware can be found in every cafe in Morocco and has become a prominent vessel used for the famous Moroccan Mint tea, and now a Well-Traveled candle. Your purchase of every candle from The Morocco Collection helps preserve the oldest and last remaining glass blowing factory in Morocco, while supporting the livelihood of 20 expert glassblowers and processing two tons of recycled glass every day that would otherwise be in a landfill.

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