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The sleek and simple design of these hand-blown, cone- shaped candle vessels are a testament to the style and skill of the artisans at Le Verre Beldi, one of Morocco's most celebrated brands producing recycled, hand blown glass in Marrakesh since 1940. You can read more about the inspiration behind this collection on our blog.


  • Every candle in The Morocco Collection features our Hammam Blossom scent. When you light your Morocco Collection Candle, you’ll be transported to a relaxing Moroccan spa. Hammam, meaning “spreader of warmth” in Arabic, alludes to the warmth you’ll find yourself melting into when you light up this tranquil scent.  Hints of warm ginger and saffron open up to an earthy heart of frankincense, myrrh and cinnamon. Amber and cedarwood essential oils reinforce the relaxing aromas and orange blossom adds a fresh and delicate finish. 

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